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Carnet de Mode is an international online fashion platform showcasing a unique, curated selection of clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery. Our aim? To discover young fashion designers and best independent retailers and to introduce them to an international online audience.

As a fashionista, I am sure you have done this before. When you plan your trip to a new country, you scour the food blogs for the best restaurants, read travel books to view key monuments…. and most importantly, plan out a day of shopping in the local up-and-coming fashion haunt in hopes of bringing home something unique to the country.

Conscious Consumption. Self expression.

Globalization has brought many benefits such as jobs and social security but it has led to a mass production of cheap clothes in the chase for profit and a dearth of creativity in the fashion sector. You are tired. Tired of wearing poor quality run-of-the-mill clothes churned out by factories. Tired of spotting your dress on a coworker. Tired of being like everyone else.

Supporting local artisans. Find statement pieces.

You want to discover a budding emerging designer and be on the cutting edge of the fashion world - perhaps you will purchase an intricate lace dress by the next Elie Saab in Beirut.

You want to own a high quality and original piece that allows you to express and differentiate yourself. It can be a modern take on the evil eye necklace from Turkey, a luxurious pair of leather shoes from Madrid, or even an exquisite dinner kimono-style jacket from Kyoto.

You want to support the creativity of budding young talents that encapsulate the traditional craftsmanship of the country in their statement pieces.

Carnet de Mode brings these emerging young talent to you.

This is where we step in. We replicate the search process by re-searching extensively, visiting fashion tradeshows worldwide and scouring the best designers who capture the essence of their country. Then once we find the talent, we make their products accessible to an international audience through our online platform.

Our designer charter has three important criteria – quality, originality and price. We strike a delicate balance amongst all three - by imposing very stringent quality standards on our designers, valuing originality in design and choosing reasonably-priced products such that fashionistas like you and I don't have to break into a bank to own them.

Hence when you shop on Carnet de mode, you are shopping through a highly curated version of local bazaars from +30 different countries – all from the ease of your laptop / mobile phone.

Best of all, designers are often exclusive to Carnet de Mode and only create pieces in limited quantities.

Arbia Smiti, the founder of Carnet de Mode,

explains: "When selecting designers and their products, I focus on choosing unique and exclusive pieces that are limited in quantity. For me, beauty can't be mass-produced. With Carnet de Mode, I seek to showcase a focused selection of personal pieces that are not available together anywhere else. As they often come from very different places geographically, our site provides the perfect platform to bring them all together in one place. "

I believe that the person visiting Carnet de Mode doesn't want to look like everybody else, she wants to be different. On our site, you will find accessories and exceptional items of clothing which will allow you to create a unique look.

So shop now and support emerging fashion designers

Be original, Be international, Be Carnet de Mode