Brand: De Siena

Changing point of view: onto the city, the world, fashion. Finding an eccentric divertissement even in the city traffic: the accomplices; the Clet artwork and the Spring Summer 2016 De Siena collection find their common characteristic in the irony. The shoes from the collection shine in a thousand materials, have different shapes, are flat or very high, some have little straps and others caress the foot. They are pop or sensual. The De Siena collection for the next summer has many souls: cartoon inspired sandals in rose colour tones or fluorescent orange ones with pipings in contrast leather; natural materials like raffia, or very precious ones using unique leathers with little circles in irregular colours. Beautiful shoes in front as well as in the back, with comfortable block heels that are little masterpieces. Of a different kind are the shoes that announce the return of the pointed shape: neutral colours with white bindings, and beige ones with little touches in red. Chic to the second! If your soul is rock you will be surprised for next summer: ankle shoes with very high heels and sensual lace ups; or bad girl ballet flats in refined reptile. Montmartre style for the more metropolitan part of the collection, with flat sandals or mid heel, laced around the ankle, with or without tip, that find their charming detail in detachable smoking flies in all kinds of colours and materials. However, De Siena’s trademarks are still the same: well researched material and workmanship only made in Italy. Characteristics that are also found at Clet. The encounter of the artist and De Siena happened by chance and the chemistry was perfect right away. Without taking themselves too seriously like it happens in the best coup de foudre. Both attached to Italy; Florence in particular, Clet arrived to Florence in 2005 and fell in love with the quarters of San Niccolò, where he has his studio now. The screechy contrast between the renaissance architecture and the urban infrastructures gave him the idea to prettify what in the meantime has become his city. That’s how he started modifying road signs; first at night, illegally, now choosing more institutional ways. His interpretations of the signs are found all over the world, unmistakable and ingenious attributes of an art which wants to show things we come across every day in a different way and make us smile. For the new De Siena collection, Clet allowed us to enter his studio, into the heart of that San Niccolò he loves so much. His work has given us the rhythm, we met a consonance of colours and details. And in a game of detours and new connections, we built new routes ourselves, also mental ones. Because in any way, changing a point of view eases reality like wearing a pair of new and colourful shoes.